Parking Lots in Whistler

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Whistler BC was designed to be a pedestrian-friendly town.  As such, a series of five parking lots were established along the west side of Fitzsimmons Creek for visitors.

The parking lots are numbered from #1 through #5.

Whistler Parking Lots
Parking Lot in Whistler BC

The #1 parking lot is located just east of gondolas at the south end of Whistler Village.

Parking lots #4 and #5 are located at the far north, just east of the Olympic Plaza in the Village North district.

Parking Lot in Whistler BC
Free Parking in Whistler BC

Free parking in Whistler Canada is available in parking lot #4 and #5.  The parking lots located closer to the gondolas and chairlifts (i.e. #1, #2, #3) are paid parking areas.

Many of the large hotels have onsite parking, however, the parking rates can be quite expensive.

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