Whistler Creekside

Whistler Canada Tourist Information

The Creekside District of Whistler BC is located 4.5 km southwest of Whistler Village.  It is the location of the first ski hill and lift in Whistler BC.

Situated at the foot of Whistler Mountain, vacationers can now ride the Creekside Gondola halfway up the mountain and catch the Big Red Express for the remaining journey to Roundhouse Lodge.

Creekside District of Whistler
Creekside District of Whistler

The Whistler Creekside community is a smaller and less busy community than the other districts.  Accommodation here can be less expensive.

Creekside Gondola, Whistler Mountain
Creekside Gondola, Whistler Mountain

Many people enjoy staying in Creekside because of its access to two beautiful lakes and the Valley trail that runs by those lakes.

Attractions in and around the community are the following:

Alpha Lake

Nita Lake

Nita Lake Lodge

Whistler Train Station


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