Alpha Lake

Whistler Canada Tourist Information

Alpha Lake is the most southern of the five large lakes near Whistler BC.

Visitors can access it from Alpha Lake Park which features a sandy beach, wharf, playground and a tennis court.

The children's playground contains a cute "Owl's Nest" play structure.   There is also a dog park which is referred to as "Arfa Park".

Alpha Lake Park in Whistler Canada
Bridge to Alpha Lake Park

Nita Lake is just a short walk northeast of Alpha Park.  The Whistler Railway Station is situated between the two lakes.

Alpha Lake, Whistler BC, CanadaAlpha Lake, Whistler BC

Alpha Lake Park is located just off Lake Placid Road in the Creekside District of Whistler BC.  It is approximately 5 km from Whistler Village.

The park is also accessible by foot or bicycle via the Valley Trail System.

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