Alta Lake in Whistler

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Alta Lake is one of several pristine mountain lakes located on the outskirts of Whistler.   Visitors can enjoy a pleasant stroll or bike ride to the lake from Whistler Village.

Rainbow Park on the northwest corner of Alta Lake features a pristine, sandy beach with stunning views of the nearby mountains.  Sport fields, tennis courts, washrooms and change rooms are available.

Alta Lake in Whistler BC
Alta Lake, Whistler BC

To access Alta Lake trail from Whistler village, simply cross the Sea-to-Sky highway at the pedestrian underpass located west of the Whistler Conference Centre.

From there, you then following the trail (in either direction) around the Whistler Golf Course. Eventually, you will see a sign for Alta Lake.

Alta Lake in Whistler BC
Alta Lake in Whistler BC

Alternatively, one can access Rainbow Park by vehicle from Highway 99.  Wayside Park and Lakeside Park are located at the southeast corner of the lake just off the Sea-to-Sky highway.

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