Hiking at Whistler

Whistler Canada Tourist Information

There are many wonderful hikes to do in the Whistler area.  In general, one can either enjoy a leisurely hike through the valley or a more vigorous trek in the high mountains.  If you prefer the latter, catch the Whistler Gondola up the mountainside and start your hike from Roundhouse Lodge.

Please remember to take warm clothes with you on mountain hikes, as the temperature is much lower in the mountains than in the village of Whistler.

Joffre Lake, north of Whistler
Joffre Lake, British Columbia

For people in top physical condition, the hike to the Joffre Lake glacier at Joffre Lake Provincial Park is spectacular.  The trail starts north of Whistler Village and must be accessed by vehicle.  Although the hike is fairly steep and rugged, the views are amazing!

Always make sure to take along adequate foot and drink.  Tenting is permitted at designated campsites on Joffre Lake.

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